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Knew the gesture was an empty one. For all the legwork we'd done to build the conspiracy angle for her team, http://dogtalkmusic.com/ once that video pla, we may as well have spent every minute on Mars whacking off in our hotel rooms. Even so, if an empty gesture was the best we could do, I thought we owed her. She'd gambled her freedom for us and the cards had turned against her. On top of that, I wanted any HemiCo goons watching from the seats to know we weren't going to be scared off just because a) the case was hopeless, b) we'd wasted weeks and would have to scramble for a replacement labor negotiator before the meetings on Titan, and c) they could have me arrested as an accomplice to Haug's murder the moment I stirred up enough trouble to make it worth imobiliare bucuresti the risk of exposing their role in this shadow war. Because them. We'd shown the Persians what happens when you get drunk on the hubris of power. Guess I'm going to miss out on the big showdown, Shelby said after the arbitrator sentenced her to six non-negotiable months in a low-security labor center with eighteen months negotiable parole after that. The Frontier Assessment was scheduled to take our team to Titan in three months. Shelby's team had contacted Olympian Atomics about an extension, but predictably, they'd turned us down. Shelby google smiled with half her mouth. Thanks for being here. I shrugged. We did all we could. I know. The Titanians are lucky to have you. Prelutsky strolled past lawyers chatting on their omnis. Was it worth it? Shelby extended her middle finger. Think I could break your jaw with this? He leaned in so close I thought his bladelike imobiliare bucuresti nose would slash her cheek. Half a year in prison. I hope you spend it thinking about all the people you've bucuresti let down. She geared back for another swing. I grabbed her ed fist, forced it open, and threaded my fingers through hers like a despairing lover. To complete the scene for any watching bailiffs, I kissed her furious lips. I'll miss you, sweetie, I said. Get your spit out of my mouth. Grab a little more while you're at it, Prelutsky said. Last chance. I reached out, pinched his nipple, and twisted until something tore. He gasped, collapsing away from me. Two PLE guards materialized out of the crowd. He was overcome with remorse, I explained as they helped Prelutsky to his feet. They cuffed Shelby, stared me down, and led her out a side door. Six months in prison. It didn't sound long, but it would change her. After Artemisium, the Persians kept me for over a year. I was made to watch from the rear the morning Xerxes spattered his helpless conscripts on the shield wall of the Spartans, Thebans, and Thespians holding fast to the imobiliare bucuresti p at Thermopylae. For a solid hour they screamed and died. Cheers and hollers gargled, at last, from the Persian soldiers' throats; Leonidas had died. I found myself, proud Athenian, crying over a Spartan. More cheers as, through the dust and gore-slick melee, the jeweled spears of the Immortals gleamed from the hidden trail through the mountains. From behind their scaled mail, chromatic robes, and wicker shields, they marched on the surviving Greeks, who withdrew behind the walls across the p. By noon, Xerxes stood on their corpses. To the south, all Greece lay open to his teeming armies. My captors beat me each time I refused their questions about my people. I held out three days, then